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BREADLY began with energetic, creative, motivated and result-obsessed young people. If you are one of those people, we will be glad to see you in our team.
Depending on your experience and skills, we are ready to consider your candidacy for the position of waiter, barista, cashier, restaurant manager, chef, sous chef, kitchen assistant and cleaning master - technical staff member.
We can evaluate your abilities as a baker or confectioner.

Surprise us!

BREADLY will be more than just an item on your track record. This is the place that gives you the opportunity to get a colossal human and professional experience. In return, we demand maximum dedication and love for our work.

Our team already employs three graduates of the international school of hotel service and culinary Le Cordon Bleu, who have gained work experience in France and the UK. Some of our chefs worked in the CIS countries and Southeast Asia, and also tried their hand at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.


All of us - representatives of different regions and the capital of our country, were brought together by BREADLY, a project with a big heart and great ambitions.

Today we are successfully developing a franchise network in Russia and Kazakhstan and are not going to stop there.
If you are interested in this and you are ready to find out the points of your growth, send your resume to with your contacts (mobile phone number is desirable) so that we can contact you.

By the way, knowledge of Russian, Uzbek and English is welcome, as well as basic knowledge of the service.

We are waiting for you!

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