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Copyright protection

All copyright rights (images, videos, content, etc.) available on the website , and the right to use the trademark "BREADLY" (registered with the Intellectual Property Agency under the certificate number MGU 20170783 dated 16.03.2017) belong to ARTISAN BREAD LLC.

Any interested person undertakes to use any material posted on the website after receiving the written consent of the copyright holder. In accordance with articles 171 and 1711 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the illegal use of trademarks and copyright infringement, administrative liability is provided.


Collection of personal data

In order to ensure the operation of the online order placement system, the Company collects personal data of customers.

By placing an order and providing the information necessary for its placement, the Client confirms the authenticity of the information provided and agrees to the processing of his personal data in the Company's customer register.

The Client also agrees that the Company may use the information specified in the Order Placement Form to identify the Client, contact him to clarify and change the order according to the chosen method of communication, and in other necessary cases.

The Company undertakes not to disclose the personal data of customers provided when placing online orders, and not to transfer them to third parties, except as provided by applicable law.

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