* The Company reserves the right to unilaterally, in whole or in part, suspend or amend the conditions for purchasing a franchise, as well as refuse to sell it.


The right to use the Trademark and Commercial designation in a specific location or territory.

Study tour of the representative of the parent company to the city/region, survey analysis of the market.

Participation in the selection of suitable premises.

Zoning of industrial, warehouse, retail and landing areas.


Consulting on the design, renovation, decoration and furnishing of retail and seating areas.

The main design principle is an emphasis on natural lighting, landscaping and natural finishing materials in harmony with the corporate identity and architecture of the building.

Consultation on additional infrastructure networks, systems and software.


We approach our franchises in a personalized way, as each project is unique.

Understanding the key moments of the market is our specialty. As an example: adapting products for centuries-old French pastry recipes requires a lot of effort. Since the temperature features of the region can affect the taste of a particular product.

Ingredient quality assurance and exceptional production control are key to our work.

Honesty in work is the main parameter in order for us to earn loyalty and love for our brand.

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